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Row in the direction you’re facing

RowVista® forward rowing system offer the same performance as traditional rowing configurations. An adjustable stop limits movement to the rear so that you can row without using foot straps. Very comfortable, if you want to row barefoot in summer. The oarlocks snap onto the side beams without the need for tools. The sliding seat runs smoothly and quietly along the center beam on six ball bearings. The foot stretcher unit can be attached onto the center beam and can be locked in 5 positions for optimum weight distribution.


A technical masterpiece


The world's best forward rowing system with linkage mechanism and blade feathering integrated.
RowVista® system holds both national and international patents, and pending patents.
Over the past 100 years, more than 250 patents have been registered for forward rowing systems.
None are practical due to inadequate feathering systems.

  1. The powerful rocker arm transmits and amplifies the rotation of the handle to the scull blade. The handle rotates just 65° to rotate the blade 85°. That means less stress on your wrists. Patented worldwide. 
  2. High strength con rods with ball heads transfer the rotation from the handle to the rocker arm independently of the angle of the scull.
  3. Positioning cam for defined vertical and horizontal blade positions. This system eliminates the risk of "catching a crab". (An expression used in rowing when the rower is unable to remove the scull blade from the water at the end of the drive stroke)
  4. Ball bearings in hinge prevent power loss in the linkage mechanism. Smooth running ball bearings for easy scull blade feathering. That protects your hands and minimizes the formation of blisters.
  5. Carbon fiber tubes for handle and scull blade: smooth rowing thanks to lightweight materials, even in the toughest conditions.
  6. Release leash to easily and quickly fold up the sculls.
  7. High strength pivot rowlock so the RowVista® forward rowing sculls can easily be attached and removed.

A sensation: Scull blade feathering despite reverse direction. This is a real first for forward rowing systems. And it is even easier to rotate than with classic rowing systems because the axis is mounted on ball bearings. Rotation is limited in both directions so that the blade is always in the right position. As a result, rowing with RowVista® is easier to learn than classic rowing. No energy is wasted, thanks to the highly efficient linkage. The handle shaft and blade shaft can be folded up and are self-locking.

Additional seat on the center beam with sturdy mounting and synthetic jaws. Trimming the weight and it‘s comfortable for the passenger (available as an option).

During sailing, the sculls are folded together and can be stowed under the seat. With a length of 2.06 m (6'9"), when folded up, they are easy to transport inside your car, or on the roof rack. (optional)

Bow net for the Basic Boat
optimal for stowing luggage on longer tours (available as an option).

Key features

A technical masterpiece – Scull blade feathering despite reverse direction.

No energy is wasted thanks to the highly efficient linkage.

During sailing, the sculls are folded together and can be stowed under the seat.

Additional seat on the center beam – For a passenger or rowing partner.

Bow net for the Basic Boat – Optimal for stowing luggage on longer tours.

The world's first hard-hulled catamaran that can easily be transported on the roof of your car.

Roof rack compatible. None of the individual parts weighing more than 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs). 
The weight varies depending on the model version, starting from 55 kg (121 lbs). No tools required for assembly.
This enables anyone, even when alone, to easily transport and store the XCAT on the roof of a car.

Components of RowVista® for XCAT      

Weight of each RowVista® forward rowing scull: 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) • Oar Blade Shape: Big Blade


At a glance: find out more


We have compiled a collection of detailed information in our download area, ranging from the pricelist to the XCAT brochure in PDF format and the instruction manual. If you still have any questions then please contact us using our contact form.

Owners manual XCAT Basic

Owners manual XCAT rowing systems

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